100mm Diameter 16mm Arbor Size, Zirconia Cloth Flap Discs

ZA-5"x7/8", Fiberglass Backing, Zirconia Cloth Flap Disc



ZA-4 1/2"x7/8" Flap Discs for Angle Grinder

Details: 100mm Diameter 16mm Arbor Size, Zirconia Cloth Flap Discs
Model: RS5164

Technical Specs
Title:  Flap Wheels
Abrasive Material: Zirconia Cloth
Type: T27/29
Wheel Type: Grinding,Polishing,Deburring 
Application: Rust, Paint, Steel, Non-ferrous Metal 
Diameter:  4"                                                                  
Arbor Size: 5/8"
Max. RPM:  15200

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1) Hight Performance on sepcial applications and materials. 
2) Special radial edge shape is designed for fast, comfortable grinding in fillet welds and interior angles.  
3) Perfect for finishing work, deburing, and light grinding. 
4) Great for use on rust, paint, steel, and non-ferrous metal.

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